Luoyang BoYing Bearing Co., Ltd  is a professional manufacturer of precision bearings.which has combine researchproduction and marketing together.
    The main products of our company are thin cross-roller bearings,rotary bearings, cross-tapered roller bearings, thrust cylindrical bearings. The leading products include cross roller bearing RB, RE, RU, CRB, CRBH, CRBF, XSU, SX,YRT rotary bearings, cross tapered roller bearingJXR, XR,trust cylindrical bearing 811, almost whole range of precision bearings...


ADD:Yingzhuang industrial park wangchaoling Luoyang Henan China


  • XR/JXR series Crossed taper roller bearings|Machine tool precision bearings
  • XSU series Cross roller bearing CNC machine tool bearings|precision Robotic bearing
  • RA series Cross roller bearing|Robotic bearings|Thin section precision bearing
  • RB series Crossed roller bearing|Precision CNC bearings|220-1250mm
  • RU series Crossed roller bearing used for CNC machine tools and Robotic
  • CRBH series|Crossed roller bearing|Precision CNC bearings|IKO type replace
  • Thrust Cylindrical Roller Bearing High Precion NC bearing
  • CRB/CRBC series crossed roller bearing|BYC robotic bearings|precision IKO bearings
  • RB series|crossed roller bearing|Precision CNC bearings|40-200mm
  • RE Series Crossed roller bearing|Robot bearings|Thin section precision bearing
  • SX series Crossed roller bearing|for robot arm using
  • YRT Series rotary table bearings|machine tool bearings|BYC precision Turntable bearing
  • YRTS Series rotary table bearings|high speed machine tool bearings|BYC percision bearings
  • ZKLDF Series rotary table bearings|high speed percision bearings|Axial angular contact ball bearings
  • YRTM Rotary Table Bearings|with measure system|BYC percision Turntable bearing
  • XU Series|cross roller bearing|machine tool bearing
  • RU66 Crossed roller bearing Replace THK percision bearing 35x95x15mm
  • RU85 Crossed roller bearing 55x120x15 Replace THK percision bearing
  • RU124 Crossed roller bearing(80*165*22mm)Replace THK percision bearing
  • RU148 Crossed roller bearing (90*210*25mm) Replace THK percision bearing

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